Choosing the Right Wedding Colors for You

wedding colors

Choosing your wedding colors isn’t as simple as just selecting your two favorite colors and hoping that you can create a wedding color palette out of them. This doesn’t mean you can’t have those two colors incorporated but it may mean that you need to select other colors that are better suited to a wedding.
Season – The season your wedding is to be held in should be taken into account when choosing your wedding colors, particularly if a large part of your wedding decorations is to be flowers. Not all flowers are widely available in some seasons, while others may be.

Flowers – If you have a favorite flower that you want included in your wedding decorations make sure that it can be easily obtained right for your wedding. Some flowers have a very short season and may not be available. If you are adamant about a particular flower you may need to set your wedding date accordingly or opt for artificial flowers. If your favorite flower comes in only one color and it is important to you that it be one of the most important aspects of your wedding then that color is likely to play a very important role in the color palette you ultimately choose. Speaking of flowers – they are not only suitable for decoration but also for a gift for the special lady – especially if they are covered in precious metals like The Eternity Rose. Find more about gifts for her here and enjoy the variety!

Your Skin Tone – While makeup can change the tone of your skin certain colors may make you look ‘washed out’, while other colors may make you glow. Bear this in mind also when choosing the color(s) of your bridesmaid dresses and tuxedo colors for the groomsmen. Redheads will not want to wear red, and those with pale skin may prefer muted or pastel colors rather than more brilliant shades. The color you choose for the bridesmaid dresses should flatter each of them no matter what their skin color or body shape.

Your Venue – If you have opted for an outdoor ceremony and reception you may choose to have a lot more greenery included in your wedding decorations than someone who is planning an indoor ceremony and reception. For indoor weddings you may want to choose a reception venue that has neutral colored décor. This includes carpeting/flooring. If you have your heart set on a particular venue but the color scheme doesn’t lend itself well to what you have in mind you may have to consider hanging wall coverings to get the effect you want.

Your Personality – Personality plays a very important role in choosing wedding colors. If you are an outgoing, fun-loving person you may opt for brighter colors that reflect this. If you have a less exuberant personality and prefer a quiet night at home watching a movie than going nightclubbing, more muted pastel colors may be more what you have in mind. Whatever colors you decide they should be a reflection of who you are.

Your Husband-to-be – If you ask most men what colors they would like for their wedding most will say something along the lines of “I don’t know” or “You choose”. Occasionally a man will tell you he likes blues and browns and even black. For the most part these colors can be incorporated in small ways but if your betrothed likes burgundy as a color make sure you consider including some elements that have burgundy in them to honor his color choice.

Look at Wedding Colors – There is plenty of information in magazines and on the internet that will help you choose your color scheme. Find examples of the colors you think you would like and see how well they fit into your vision of what your wedding décor will look like. Talk to experts in decorating. Wedding planners in particular know what works and what doesn’t. Even if you are not planning on using a wedding planner you can get ideas from their websites. Bridal magazines will give you a ton of ideas but don’t limit yourself to just magazines that are specifically targeting brides-to-be. Home decorating magazines and books will also show you how well two or more colors go together. You can also get inspiration from fabric, paint colors and even from a visit to your local florist, to see what colors work together well.

Once you have chosen your wedding colors you will find that many other things become easier, from bridesmaid dresses all the way up to the reception table centerpieces. Always remember that your wedding colors should be a reflection of your personality and you won’t go wrong.