How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Décor

wedding decor

A wedding is such a special occasion that it is important that everything be perfect. The wedding decorations are one of those things that take careful consideration to ensure it all comes together the way you envision it. Having the decorations reflect your personality and look fantastic can take some planning, but how do you choose the right wedding decorations? The following tips will help make the selection process so much easier!

pencilsColors – Often the starting point for the wedding decorations is the color scheme you have chosen. This is usually determined by the color(s) chosen for the bridesmaid dresses, with flowers and other decorative elements continuing that color scheme. Traditional white weddings typically use white as the background color and then have splashes of the other colors added in, creating a balanced and aesthetically pleasing palette. Bear in mind the season your wedding will be held in, and that some colored flowers may not be available at that time of the year.

wedding flowersFlowers – The main thing to consider when choosing wedding flowers is the availability due to the season your wedding is to be held in. There is no point in choosing spring flowers in autumn. Fortunately there are plenty of choices of blooms for every season. When choosing colors for bouquets, table décor and buttonholes work within the color palette you have chosen so that everything is coordinated. Floral arrangements for the wedding chapel can be transferred to the reception venue and is a cost effective use of them.

centerpiecesCenterpieces – Centerpieces can be large and dramatic or small and intimate. The size and style of your centerpieces will often depend upon the size and shape of the tables being used at the reception. The height of the room also impacts how large and tall the centerpieces can be. A high ceiling lends itself well to having tall centerpieces but those same ones can make a room look small if placed on tables in a reception venue that has a low ceiling. Regardless of what size or height the centerpieces you choose are make sure that conversation is still possible without having to look over or around them.

Wedding CakeWedding Cake – Your wedding cake is the second most important feature at your reception, second only to the newly married couple. How elaborate a style of decoration you have on your wedding cake is up to you but it should follow the theme or color palette chosen for the rest of your wedding decoration. Even subtle touches of color that is carried throughout the rest of the room will make the wedding cake complement everything else.

Table linensTable linens and settings – For the most part table coverings should be a solid color, choosing one of your colors from your palette. That being said one of the styles many couples choose is to use a solid color tablecloth and lay a lace covering over top. This adds a touch of romance to the tables. Plates and silverware can be simple, with napkins either matching the tablecloth color or in a complimentary color.

wedding chairsChairs – There are several options for seating. One is to choose chairs that are in a color that blends with the rest of your wedding decorations. The other is to choose to add chair covers and sashes. If you have silver as one of your wedding colors you may choose to use silver colored chairs, but when your wedding colors are something a little less common you may have to choose to put chair covers on the chairs to get the colors you want. You can then add sashes in a contrasting color or the same, whichever you think looks better.

Place NamesPlace Names – Most importantly, place name cards should be easily readable so that your guests are not wandering around the room looking for the seat that has been allocated to them. One way to make sure this does not happen is to provide table plans. These do not have to be anything fancy as long as they convey the necessary information. Place cards on the other hand can be either simple white with black writing or you can choose to have them in one of your wedding colors. Just make sure that the printed names stand out from the background color.

You do not have to go ‘all out’ with wedding decorations. In many instances items from the chapel can be transferred to the reception for re-use. Sometimes less is more and one of the things you should avoid is making your wedding decorations too ‘over the top’. Take your time to choose carefully.